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VSAM Share Options

VSAM Share Options defines the VSAM datasets accessibility among different users. Share options are like the DB2 locking system, by using these options different levels of shared access can be given to different jobs/users on a single VSAM dataset. Where to Set these options? Can be set while defining the VSAM cluster using IDCAMS. These

How to Get workday Community Access?

How to get Workday community access for learning & practicing purpose? There are many online courses available to learn different modules of Workday. They even provide access at the time of training for a limited period of time. But to get the access individually to do some hands on the tool, I do not find

Restart Logic in COBOL DB2 Program

Restart Logic in COBOL DB2 Program: Restarting a program when it has abended after processing some number of records becomes necessary many times as it would be waste of resources to process them again. Rolling back the processed records is also a headache if there is no logic to start the program from the next

JCL SPACE Parameter & Examples

JCL SPACE Parameter is one of the important parameters to be specified for a NEW dataset which request the storage required for that dataset on a Direct Access Volume. SPACE Parameter in JCL is an Optional Keyword parameter that indicates the OS, the amount of memory allocation needed for a dataset while creating it and

What is Workday?

What is Workday ? It is a Cloud based ERP technology that deals with the Employee life-cycle activities, starting from Hiring process, On boarding to Retirement or exit process. It includes all the day to day activities like HR, Financials, Time tracking, Learning Management etc. By providing all these at one place, workday helps the

JCL TIME Parameter

TIME Parameter in JCL is a Keyword parameter which indicates the Processor Time required to execute the job/step in a JCL. This can be used either in JOB or in STEP or in both the places. If it is specified in a JOB, it tells the systems that this job can use the specified amount

DB2 Stored Procedures in Mainframes

DB2 stored procedures mainframe–>  Stored procedures are the programs that contains one or more SQL statements to perform a business functionality and can be called by any application with SQL call statements. These are ALSO considered as the programs that are compiled and stored in a DB2 server which can be called/INVOKED from any application

JCL DISP Parameter

JCL DISP (Disposition) parameter is a Keyword parameter which is used to describe the status of a data set used in JCL to the OS. It indicates the OS on what should be done with the dataset after JOB/STEP termination. It has 3 sub parameters which indicates THE STATUS,Normal & abnormal termination ACTIVITIES of the

Transaction Initiation in CICS

There are multiple ways of initiating a transaction in CICS. Initiating a transaction is nothing but running that transaction to start any process. Below are the different ways of transaction initiation process. 1. Entering the trans ID on native region. Example: If CST1 is the transaction ID to display the main customer details screen. Then