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Mainframes Common SQL/DB2 CODES and resolution

Mainframes Common SQL/DB2 CODES and resolution 180 to 189 date related 180 –> Invalid date format. 203 –> reference column is ambiguous.. IT NEEDS TO BE QUALIFIED AS IT EXISTS IN MULTIPLE TABLES. This Comes when same column name exists in multiple tables (or same table is being used multiple times in same SQL) which

Joins and Unions in DB2

Joins and Unions in db2 Unions and Joins, both are used to retrieve the data from multiple tables but are served for different purposes. JOIN – Joins typically used where the data required to select are spread across multiple tables that are dependent on each other. For Example EMPLOYEE and DEPT are two tables.Here Employee

Class Parameter in JCL

CLASS Parameter in JCL is used to categorize the JOBs that runs in one OS installation. During installation itself all Class parameters are defined and assigned with specific attributes. These attributes decides whether or how to run a JOB. As we know all the JOBS submitted runs in an Initiator address space and every class

Legato Mainframe Interview questions

Legato Mainframe Interview questions Hyderabad Below are the few interview questions that have been asked in a recently in first round at Legato Health care, Hyderabad Can we access the VSAM file only with the alternative index? Where in cobol program alternative index would be mentioned?  I have 3 JOBS which are running parallel and

How to copy a VSAM file to a PS in JCL

Copying a VSAM file into a PS (Physical Sequential) file can be done using the following methods with Examples. 1. Using IDCAMS Repro This is the most frequently suggested method for any VSAM files related tasks. So for copying VSAM to PS also, REPRO can be used. //*************************************************** //* REPRO CUST FILE TO A FLAT

How to submit a batch job from CICS, Spool routing

Submitting a JOB from Online, Extra Partition TDQs,routing output to Spool There are two ways that a job can be submitted from online. 1. Using Extra partition TDQs 2. Using the Spool Files 1.Using Extra partition TDQs TDQs are generally used to submit the jobs in batch from Online. JOB cards and required steps are

COND Parameter Examples in JCL

COND PARAMETER EXAMPLES in JCL COND parameter in JCL is to execute the JOB steps conditionally. For example if in a JOB, the first Step Unloads the data from a DB2 table and step02 takes that Unload file and filters it using sort and step03 has a cobol db2 program which uses the sort output

COBOL date functions list, add find Duration

Below are COBOL date functions to add, Subtract and Find the duration between Dates, Times and Time stamps. 1. ADD-DURATION This is rarely seen in our programs but really a helpful Intrinsic function that COBOL provided. This is to add a specific duration to a date/time variable/value. For example if 1 year needs to be

CICS quick Reference for D2D activities

CICS quick Reference for D2D activities 1. How to terminate a Task in CICS? This need comes when ant transaction got struck or went into Infinite loop. So to overcome this, that task needs to be purged or terminated as narrated below – Enter into Native CICS region – Enter ‘CEMT INW TASK()’ It displays