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jQuery Code: show character count in text area when user enters the text

Here is the jQuery code to show the character count when the user enters the text in the text area or any input control, it will show the remaining character count as user enters the text in the field. See the live demo here and view the source if you’d like. jQuery Code add the

jQuery Datepicker: How to Mark the Holidays on Calendar

Jquery UI has a fully-featured and highly customizable date picker control that let us create and customize the control based on our requirements. To create a basic date control, you just need to call the below single line of code [crayon-5e87883a1ed3d193824259/] input field: [crayon-5e87883a1ed44053939014/] The Date Picker will appears when textbox has the focus, and

jQuery Code to Display Top News using YQL JSONP API Service

Many sites provide JSONP services, allowing you access to their content via a predefined API. Great source of JSONP-formatted data is the Yahoo Query Language. Below example, we’ll use YQL JSONP API service to populate the top news from yahoo rss and display on the web page. [crayon-5e87883a1f91e528742728/] You can use the above code to

jQuery Code to Show Time in Different Countries

This post has jQuery code to show the time in different time zones using jclock plugin. You can use this code to display world clock. Here, I am displaying country names in dropdown, when you click on that it will show the current time in that country. See the live demo here. We have used

jQuery Show and Hide Div Element

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to show and hide the div content based on the click event using jQuery. Example1: Click on the below “item” link to display the content and click again to hide. Item Content Example2: This example shows multiple links and content. Click on “item1” to show and hide the content

jQuery Form Validation Plugins

As a developer, you have to validate the user input data for making sure on the client-side that form values are just as expected. Instead of writing validations manually, validation plugins allows you to design validation methods in a simple manner. Here, I’m going to share the jQuery plugins for your form validations such as

jQuery Template Plugin

jQuery template plugin allows you to render template items into HTML DOM, template items are HTML markup or text. Basically, we can define HTML markup with template variables and replace these variables inside the DOM when you get the data from an Ajax call or local static data. Here is the simple example to display

Highlight text with jQuery

Here I am going to show how to highlight particular word within a block of text. You can use this feature to: – highlight the search terms on the page. – highlight particular keywords dynamically on the page. – highlight negative numeric values on block of page. Below is the working example, enter the text


WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) Editor allows users to enter rich HTML text on the fly in the browser. These controls are very useful for the sites which allow users to publish the content. Here I am going to share JQuery WYSISYG editor, i.e. “NicEdit” and other interesting editors. NicEdit is a Lightweight,

JQuery Textbox Hint

In most of the websites, you might notice textboxes with gray text inside which explains what is it for, and when you focus on the textbox it disappears and reappears when you leave the empty textbox. To achieve this, what i do is: – get the hint text from title attribute of textbox. – Show