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IEFBR14 Examples

Examples of IEFBR14 in JCL: It is an IBM utility used in JCL which does nothing so it is also considered as a DUMMY utility. IEFBR14 does nothing but when running this utility other systems services gets invoked which can perform useful tasks like allocating, creating data sets or deleting data sets etc. So this

IEBCOPY in JCL with Examples

IEBCOPY in JCL tutorial, IEBCOPY examples and sample JCL/JOB IEBCOPY is a copy utility that is used to perform copy functionalities for PDS and PDSE datasets. Copy all or Selected members from one PDS to another. Create multiple PDS in a single IEBCOPY job from one input PDS. Compress PDS to release the unused space.


INVALID SPACE ALLOCATION – This error really confuses the developer as we thinks that it as the space allocation issue in the JCL but actually it is not. This occurs when the MAXLITS field value specified in the SYSIN DD * has the wrong number. It should have a value greater than or Equal to

Modifying a MAP using SDF II in CICS

CICS MAP – adding a new field Step by step Procedure using SDF II: SELECT AN SDF II FUNCTION 1 PANEL EDITOR Create or modify a panel 2 PANEL GROUP EDITOR Create or modify a panel group 3 PARTITION SET EDITOR Create or modify a partition set 4 AID TABLE EDITOR Create or modify an

File AID Tutorial and useful commands

File aid is having two types one which is used for File operations and second one is used for DB2 (file aid for DB2). Here we are going to discuss about the file aid for files. Fileaid is a very useful tool in the mainframes, it can be used to browse (PS, VSAM), EDIT the

Useful QMF Commands

Useful QMF Commands Below are commonly used QMF commands for quick reference 1. Connect: To connect to different database other than the default one(e.g.; if the default is DSNS and u want to connect to DB2T) Then issue the command Connect to DB2T in the QMF main panel. 2. Import : This is to import

SuperCE compare process with Example

Comparing two datasets using SuperCE for specific columns As all we know SuperCE allows the comparison of the datasets. Generally we use it to compare the whole datasets. But some times we may require comparing the datasets according to the data present in the specified location (ex: from col 15 to col 20).  Procedure:Step-1 Enter

File-AID Reformat Option

File-AID reformat option is very useful to copy one file to other by adding/modifying some data to it. It can be used to copy one file layout to other file layout by adding the additional data to the input file. It can be used to copy all or selected records of any input file to

Debug Tool Commands – Mainframes

IBM Debug Tool Commands for mainframes a Quick reference F2           – Line by Line Execution F9           – break point to break point execution F10          – Debug in full screen mode Setting Break Point-> – Place the cursor on the line where the break point