SuperCE compare process with Example

Comparing two datasets using SuperCE for specific columns

As all we know SuperCE allows the comparison of the datasets. Generally we use it to compare the whole datasets. But some times we may require comparing the datasets according to the data present in the specified location (ex: from col 15 to col 20). 

Enter in to SuperCE screen (3.13) from the ISPF main menu.
It looks like the below sample


Enter in to Edit Options Tab


There you can give the column options from where you want to compare the data sets.

Here if you want to compare the datasets based on the data present from the columns 1 to 5 you can mention the options as COMPCOLM 1:5

Likewise there are some different options that you can give to process the comparison. You can see the examples in that screen

Process Options:We can change the process options depending upon our compare requirement. Generally the default option is COBOL.

In the next screen select the option by entering ‘/’ in front of the option you want.

Detailed process options:You can find the detailed explanation on the Process options in the below IBM link.




If you want to compare 2 files having different layouts you can do this by using 3.13.Suppose you want to compare the 100:149 (start pos:end pos) of the new file with the 200:249 (start pos:end pos) of the old file, then here is the option that you may use.

  • Select 3.13
  • Give new and old DSNs
  • Point to the Options in the menu bar and press enter
  • Select Edit Statements (1) option
  • Give the options like this
  • CMPCOLMN 100:149
  • CMPCOLMO 200:249

The resulting JCL will look like this and it can be edited for the desired positions and can be re used.

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