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In JCL, SYSOUT is an Optional Keyword parameter that indicates that the dataset is a system output data set. Basically it assigns an output class to the SYSOUT dataset. As each class would be attached to a device to handle the output, the desired output would be routed to that device. Syntax: SYSOUT= { class

JCL Region Parameter, Default, examples

In JCL, Region is an Optional Keyword Parameter which can be specified at JOB and/or Step Level. Region Parameter in JCL indicates that the amount of storage (Virtual or Real) that the JOB or step can use to execute. It specifies an upper limit of memory to be used and thus the job/step can use

JCL SPACE Parameter & Examples

JCL SPACE Parameter is one of the important parameters to be specified for a NEW dataset which request the storage required for that dataset on a Direct Access Volume. SPACE Parameter in JCL is an Optional Keyword parameter that indicates the OS, the amount of memory allocation needed for a dataset while creating it and

JCL TIME Parameter

TIME Parameter in JCL is a Keyword parameter which indicates the Processor Time required to execute the job/step in a JCL. This can be used either in JOB or in STEP or in both the places. If it is specified in a JOB, it tells the systems that this job can use the specified amount

JCL DISP Parameter

JCL DISP (Disposition) parameter is a Keyword parameter which is used to describe the status of a data set used in JCL to the OS. It indicates the OS on what should be done with the dataset after JOB/STEP termination. It has 3 sub parameters which indicates THE STATUS,Normal & abnormal termination ACTIVITIES of the

Symbolic Parameters in JCL

Symbolic Parameters in JCL Using Symbolic parameters in JCL/PROC is a good practice to modify any PROC parameters from the JOB. This method gives the flexibility of using different parameters in Different jobs which are using a single PROC. It is not only used to modify the proc parameters, it can also be used in

JCL override with examples

JCL override with examples JCL/PROC override is useful when a proc parameters, data sets needs to be modified while executing it. Adding parameters, Nullifying the existing parameters or Overriding the parameters of a PROC are the common overrides that can be done via a JOB. 1. Overriding a DSN: PROC has an input data set


JOBLIB and STEPLIB in JCL both are used to specify the load libraries so that that the programs that are being used in that JCL/JOB are searched in these libraries. Generally z/OS searches for the programs load module in the default system libraries where actually the IBM supplied programs are stored. Specifying JOBLIB/steplib makes the

JCL RESTART Parameter with Examples

This topic covers the JCL Restart parameter with Examples.As the name suggests this is used to Restart a JOB from any particular step instead of starting it from the beginning. This is very useful for the jobs with multiple steps and abends after executing few steps. In this case as few job steps were already

JCL JOB Card Parameters with Examples

JOB Card or Statement in JCL is the first statement which indicates the starting of that JOB. Operating system identifies the beginning of the job using this statement and also it tells the OS on how the job should be processed. This Card can be coded with 20 different Parameters to instruct the operating system