Symbolic Parameters in JCL

Symbolic Parameters in JCL

Using Symbolic parameters in JCL/PROC is a good practice to modify any PROC parameters from the JOB. This method gives the flexibility of using different parameters in Different jobs which are using a single PROC. It is not only used to modify the proc parameters, it can also be used in the stand alone JOB.

1. Modifying the PROC parameters using Symbolic Parameters:

SYMB is the proc where its UNIT parameter is not given and instead used a Symbolic parameter.

JOB to Override the UNIT value

2. Modifying the file name HLQ using Symbolic parameters:

Below proc is written to execute a program TRCX99 where it has one input file and an output file. INput & Output files are not fixed here & it changes based on the Environment from where it triggered. For example if it gets triggered from Credit card dept. then the File names should start with CR99 and if it is from the debit card dept. then the file names should start with DB99.
So in this case instead of writing two procs one for Credit & another ine for Debit, symbolic parameters can be used to give the file names dynamically.

JOB to pass the values:


  • In this way not only the HLQ (high Level Qualifier) but any other part of the file name can be modified.
  • Observe that Symbolic parameter in the file name should contain a (.) dot

3. Modifying Program name using Symbolic Parameters:

JOB to supply the value:

4. Passing the PARM data using Symbolic Parameters


JOB to pass the parm data

In this case parm gets replaced as

If the PARM Symbolic Parameter has coded without the apostrophes, then after replacement it looks different


Then the override JCL looks like below

So if the parm Values needs to be enclosed in apostrophes then code the Symbolic parameter as well in apostrophes.

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