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CapGemini Mainframe Interview Questions

Below are the few Tricky ones faced at CapGemini. 1. I have 1000 steps in a cataloged procedure. I want to run only a few steps (say from 8th step to 16th Step). How this can be achieved? 2. A cobol db2 program takes a flat file as input and updates a DB2 table and

CTS Mainframe Interview Questions

These Questions have been asked in Cognizant(CTS) for Mainframes Technical round of Interview. CICS & VSAM–> What is the MAX size of COMMAREA? What happens if we try to send the data with size more than 32k? While passing data between two programs(PGMA TO PGMB) using COMMAREA. If in PGMA The commarea size is 30

Rimini Street COBOL Interview Questions

At Rimini street, they use micro focus COBOL that are used in Peoplesoft modules. So their main focus would be on COBOL. Knowing people-soft and SQLSERVER is an added advantage. What are the mandatory Divisions? Name different Divisions ? What are the different picture clauses? Difference between Comp and Comp-3 How to declare arrays? What

Legato Mainframe Interview questions

Legato Mainframe Interview questions Hyderabad Below are the few interview questions that have been asked in a recently in first round at Legato Health care, Hyderabad Can we access the VSAM file only with the alternative index? Where in cobol program alternative index would be mentioned?  I have 3 JOBS which are running parallel and

Wells Fargo Mainframe Interview Questions

Wells Fargo Mainframe Interview Questions @ Hyderabad Below are the few questions that have been asked in Wells Fargo Mainframes Interview Technical round in India/Hyderabad. 1. Do we use include in JCL, If yes where do we use? Is Include available in COBOL as well? 2. A job has 5 steps and if it fails