Wells Fargo Mainframe Interview Questions

Wells Fargo Mainframe Interview Questions @ Hyderabad

Below are the few questions that have been asked in Wells Fargo Mainframes Interview Technical round in India/Hyderabad.

1. Do we use include in JCL, If yes where do we use? Is Include available in COBOL as well?

2. A job has 5 steps and if it fails in any step all the preceding steps should be skipped from processing..

3. Can a program name in a proc be overridden from a job?

4. NDM related questions..I need to receive 5 input few files from non mainframes system and I need eliminate duplicates and write the duplicates in to a separate file. and move it production. How to achieve this and How much estimates you give.

5. How to decide a string which has a Surname First Name and Last name into different string in COBOL? The input string is separated by a space..

6. If in the above requirement I have given only two Output strings instead of 3. What would be the value in the last string.?


What will be the value in WS-FIST-NAME ?

Checkout the 6th example @ http://www.techtricky.com/string-and-unstring-in-cobol/

7. Can we give multiple 01 levels in a copybook? If Yes, can this be copied in to Procedure division and are there any issues? If I am trying to view the structure of a file(in file aid/file manager) using the copybook with multiple 01 levels, i this case which 01 level it takes in to consideration?

8. In a copy book, I have declared an array with OCCURS DEPENDING ON ws-var1 clause. Where should I declare the ws-var1? Is it outside the copybook? or INside the copybook?

9. If you have declared it outside, what happens if I check the file layout in fileaid or file manager?

10. What is the significance of a region parameter in JCL? What happens if we give 0K or 0M?

11. I have 3 concatenated files in a PROC and I wanted to Override the 2 nd file in that from the JOB. How to achieve this?

12. In the same above concatenation, If I give only first two files dd names and not given any thing for 3rd file.. Does it gives any error?

13.In DB2, tell me the process of processing a file which has input records and updating them in the DB2 tables. Tell me how to do that in the Unique record case and multiple record case?

14. I have 3 sections in a cobol program, and my requirement is to set the unique return code for each section in case of failures. For example if it fails in 1st para, RC should be 101, if it fails in 2nd para it should be 202 etc. How to achieve this?

15. I have a jOB with 4 steps and I want to create a new GDG version in each step. How should we do it?

16. Can I refer a complete GDG version name as in put in JCL?

17. Can I create a GDG with its complete name in a JCL (Ex: .*.*.*G0v001)

18. How can we copy a VSAM file in to a flat file?

19. Can I override a COND parameter? How to override a COND parameter given in a proc?

20. Can I override a PGM parameter?


If any one has any more questions, please ping me via comments so that I will include them as well.


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