STRING AND UNSTRING with examples:

String is used to combine two or more strings/variables in to a single string.


If you display the ‘name-in’ it shows like ‘ Mahender Reddy G ‘ i.e: it shows the full length of each variable INCLUDING THE SPACES.

So this can be avoided by using the STRING function.

Now NAME-OUT would be ‘mahenderreddyg ‘.

If we want to further modify the output , it can also be done using STRING

Now NAME-OUT would be ‘Mahender Reddy G ‘.

UNSTRING verb is used to unstring/divide the source string into different sub-strings.

If we take the same above example-

NAME-OUT is ‘Mahender Reddy G ‘ and it needs to be divided into first name, last name and initial; it can be done using unstring verb.

Here we have used the delimiter SPACE, but we can use any other delimiter as well.

for ex: if we have a string with name list seperated by commas and we want to exatract each name into an array.

name-in-string is ‘mahender,ramu, robert,phil,Chris’, these can be separated as below

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