COBOL DISPLAY Statement is used to Display the data on Output device. This is a procedure division statement and very useful to get the required data on output device.


  • Identifier is any declared variable of the program.
  • Literal is any text string or figurative constants like ZEROES, SPACES, QUOTES, HIGH-VALUES, LOW-VALUES.

Example  for Identifier 

Example for Literal

Identifier & literal can be combined.

It gets printed on output as  ‘Account Holder Name is : Mahender

IN batch Programs, generally the display statements gets printed in the spool and for Online programs, it gets printed in the CICS region spool.

Example Program:


Here the program is very small and has no processing which takes some time, so that start & end times are same.

Using Multiple Identifiers:

When multiple variables are used under single disply, it gets printed in a single row.


Using Figurative Constants in Display


Refer MAINFRAMES Section for  ACCEPT verb detailed information. it is explained with examples. Also respond via comments if you feel any of the details are missing.


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