How to Change Country in Google Adsense Account

Recently, I have changed my Google Adsense Address from US to India. Here, I am going to give the instructions to change the country.

You can change the country information by using new Adsense interface for the most of the countries, but some are not allowed directly from your account, instead you have to start the process to create a new account with new address, old account will be cancelled once you have a new account.

If you’re running an old adsense interface, click on “Try the new AdSense interface” on the top right to go to the new version where you can have the option to change the country.

In the new version, go to “Account Settings” on left side bar in Home tab, click on “change country” link under “Account Information” section, you can select the country which you want to change. If the country update is not allowed, then it will display the instructions and ask you to complete the application form to start the process.

See the additional Adsense support instructions here.

In the application form, you have to enter contact, address and security questions.
Below are the security questions:
1. Date your AdSense account first registered impressions
2. Number of impressions registered on your first day

To find answers to the above, revert back to your old adsense interface and go to “Advanced Reports”, select the “All time” as date range and click on “Display Report” button. Find the lowest date on the report, enter that date and impression count on that day.


Once you submit the form, support team will contact you to give the instructions for the next steps. They have asked me to submit the new adsense application with new address, once new account approved, they will ask us to update the new account adsense code in existing websites. we have to inform through mail once transition is completed, so they will close the original account and start the process to transfer the pending amount to new account.


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