Rimini Street COBOL Interview Questions

At Rimini street, they use micro focus COBOL that are used in Peoplesoft modules. So their main focus would be on COBOL. Knowing people-soft and SQLSERVER is an added advantage. What are the mandatory Divisions? Name different Divisions ? What are the different picture clauses? Difference between Comp and Comp-3 How to declare arrays? What

SORT card to add header and trailer with date & Counts

This SORT example is to add Header and Trailer to the sorted file along with the total number of records. Header –> A Name along with the current System date Trailer–> A static message along with number of input records count Example Sort Card: [crayon-5d598b30d56f6171479493/] Header1 –> It has a Static message which start from

JCL to reverse the file records

JCL Trick to write the output file in reverse order of input using SORT. If the input file has some records in Random order ( not in sorted order) and if the out file needs to be written exactly in reverse order. This can be achieved by using the SORT Overlay along with OUTREC BUild.


What is a MAP? It is a screen representation of a functionality from where users can access(to perform different functionalities) it. In other words it is nothing but the front end for the mainframe applications. Example -> A Bank Customer Inquiry Screen from where the bank employees/Users access customer details by entering the Customer number


JOBLIB and STEPLIB in JCL both are used to specify the load libraries so that that the programs that are being used in that JCL/JOB are searched in these libraries. Generally z/OS searches for the programs load module in the default system libraries where actually the IBM supplied programs are stored. Specifying JOBLIB/steplib makes the

Sample RUN JCL for COBOL Program

Sample RUN JCL for a COBOL Program – In Mainframes area any batch COBOL program needs to have its corresponding JCL to run it without which it can not be executed. As we know JCL is a JOb Control Language which is used to run and control the execution of the programs. So JOB written

COBOL Batch Program Example

COBOL Batch program(example) is a cobol program that runs in a bath mode. Unlike the Online programs, batch programs runs in background. To execute any Batch program a JOB written in JCL(Job Control Language) is required. This JOB is also used to specify any files that are used in that program. Generally Batch programs are

IEFBR14 Examples

Examples of IEFBR14 in JCL: It is an IBM utility used in JCL which does nothing so it is also considered as a DUMMY utility. It does nothing but when running this utility other systems services gets invoked which can perform useful tasks like allocating, creating data sets or deleting data sets etc. So this

JCL RESTART Parameter with Examples

This topic covers the JCL Restart parameter with Examples.As the name suggests this is used to Restart a JOB from any particular step instead of starting it from the beginning. This is very useful for the jobs with multiple steps and abends after executing few steps. In this case as few job steps were already

JCL JOB Card Parameters with Examples

JOB Card or Statement in JCL is the first statement which indicates the starting of that JOB. Operating system identifies the beginning of the job using this statement and also it tells the OS on how the job should be processed. This Card can be coded with 20 different Parameters to instruct the operating system