DBS Mainframes Interview Questions

These Questions were asked in the first round of Interviews for DBS, Hyderabad from Optimum solutions.

  • How a transaction is defined in CICS?
  • What is the use of TSQs & TDQs?
  • What are the ways that a transaction can be auto-initiated?
  • How to initiate a transaction using TDQ? Where does this need to be defined?
  • What are the differences between LINk & XCTL? How do you decide whether to go for a link or to XCTL?
  • How does the system know whether the program being called is at a lower level or at the same level?
  • Different ways of transmitting the data between the programs?
  • Need to send 3 pages of data on to CICS screen without a MAP. what are the options?
  • I have a customer screen and if I press PF1 it should display the help screen as a pop-up screen. Can we achieve this? If yes how?
  • How the program identifies which PF key the user pressed from a screen?
  • I want red color with text highlight for fields with data validation errors.how can I dynamically assign the color in the program?
  • On a screen, if there is a data violation on any of the fields, the cursor should be placed there. But if there are multiple fields with data violation, then I want to place the cursor at the last filed with data violation. How the cursor can be placed?
  • IN a program I wanted a task to wait for some time and rehit.. can we do this.. as an example. I wanted to check whether any user is already using a particular resource… If they are using wait for 5 secs and check again like that I wanted to check this for 5 times. If still another user using it throw an error on to the screen.
  • Scrolling logic.
  • How a CICS program can be triggered by a Batch program?
  • How a Batch program can be triggered from an online program?
  • How to read a VSAM file using a partial key?
  • What are COntainers and where we use them?
  • how to write a message into an MQ and how to read a message from MQ in CICS programs?
  • How to make a program to release all the resources without waiting for the user input? Is there any special coding that we need to do?
  • What are reentrant programs and how we make a program as reentrant?
  • How we can identify whether a program is reentrant or not by looking at the code.
  • What happens if I use STOP RUN in a CICS program.
  • I wanted to receive data from the terminal into a program with a map. how
  • Can I open multiple cursors in a program on a single table but with different WHERE conditions.
  • I wanted to retrieve more than one row at a time in the COBOL program.. how
  • for a query, I have multiple rows qualified but I just need one row to be used in the program and it is a singleton SQL, how to code it?

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