CICS Scenario Based Questions

CICS Scenario Based Interview Questions

Apart from the basics, CICS has scope to ask many questions by giving a scenario. Here I am giving the list of few scenario based ones.

  1. I have two CICS PROGRAMS – PROGA & PROGB. 1st Prog should pass some data to Program B and using this data Program B needs to perform some DB updates and flow should come back to Program A after these updates.
    What are steps to pass this data?
    how to access this data in 2nd PGM?
    Once all the processing is over in 2nd program, how to pass the control back to first Program?
  2. IN the same example above, I want to receive some data back from 2nd program into 1st program. Is it possible? If so How?
  3. I have a screen which displays the customer data. If I enter the customer number in that screen, it displays all the customer data. This screen also has different functionalities that can be performed by PF keys. Pf1–> Help, Pf2–>Address, pf3–>exit etc. So whenever I press PF2, it should display another screen with all address details. How can we achieve this? How a different screen can be displayed when I press Pf2. And from that Address screen If I press Pf3, it should come back to the main customer screen with out loosing the data.
  4. I have a customer screen, where its title is ‘CUSTOMER INFORMATION SCREEN’. what are the attributes that needs to be given to this title.
  5. In a customer screen, entering CUSTOMER NUMBER would display the customer type, customer Permanent address and Temporary address. Based on the customer type, i need to edit either Permanent address or temporary address.
    If Cust type is Gold –> ONLY Permanent address shud be editable
    If CUST TYPE IS Silver –> Only Temp. Address should be editable
    All other cases –> nothing should be editable. How to achieve this?
  6. IN the above scenario, If CUST TYPE is gold, I just want Permanent address on the screen. temporary should not appear and for Silver, Permanent address should not appear. There is only single MAP here. How to achieve this
  7. I have a screen and there is an Underlying program. Different users access this screen by logging into the native CICS region using their user id & password. Once they enter the transaction, the back ground program should validate the USERID and check whether he is authorized to use that screen or not .How program identified different users ad gets the USERID?
  8. I want to pass data from One program to another program with in a transaction. Currently I am using COMMAREA to pass the data, but now I am planning to use due to some concerns with the commarea. Is it Ok to use TSQs ? What might be the issues that I have faced which resulted me to go with TSQs?
  9. I have implemented a Pageup/Down logic in a screen. How to implement it? Do we need to use any temporary storage here? Is COMMAREA useful here?
  10. In the above example, after pressing many PF8 KEYS, If I press Enter, screen should display the fisrt set of records. How to do this?
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