Impact Analysis – New field is added to the COPYBOOK

Requirement is to add a new field to the copybook CUSTCOPY & this copybook is the layout of a PS file. CUSTCOPY is being used in multiple programs.
What is the impact Analysis Approch.

  1. First list down all the programs wherever this copybook is used.
    Identify the program where this new field needs to be used as per the
    requirement. Please note that, even though the copybook is used in multiple programs, it is not necessary that all those programs should use the new filed.
  2. Check whether there is a filler in the copybook layout & if it exists check whether that space is enough for the new field.
  3. If the FILLER is sufficient, add the new field as per the requirement
    and decrease that length from the FILLER size.
  4. Include the new field logic in the program wherever it is needed as
    per the requirement & compile it.
  5. All other programs which are using the copybook but not required to
    use the new filed can be left as is without recompiling. It won’t impact
    those programs processing as we just added a logical field name but
    the space was already there as FILLER earlier.
    But some organizations has a standard to recompile all the programs which are using the impacted copybook.
  6. Remember as the copybook length is not changed there is no need to
    change any PROCs or JCLs.
  7. If the COPYBOOK has no FILLER to accommodate the new filed, then it becomes a BIG change.Because, there will be a Length change so all the programs that are using the copybook needs to change to amend the record length.
  8. In the same way JCLs/PROCs need to change to reflect the new length.

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