Rimini Street COBOL Interview Questions

At Rimini street, they use micro focus COBOL that are used in Peoplesoft modules. So their main focus would be on COBOL. Knowing people-soft and SQLSERVER is an added advantage.

  1. What are the mandatory Divisions?
  2. Name different Divisions ?
  3. What are the different picture clauses?
  4. Difference between Comp and Comp-3
  5. How to declare arrays?
  6. What is Subscript & Index. Which one one is better to use?
  7.  How to declare INDEX variable used in array declaration?
  8. What is a POINTER variable and how to declare it?
  9. What are all different Level Numbers exist?
  10. what is 66, 88 & 77 Level Numbers?
  11. What is the difference between Renames and Redefines in terms of storage ?In redefines, Same storage gets used for both the redefined and redefining variables. But what about the storage usage in case of Renames. Does this requires any additional storage? So if renames also don’t take additional storage, then how renames differs from redefines.?
  12. I have array with 30 occurrences. I have processed 16 occurrences in one part of the code and if I wanted to process the remaining occurrences in a different part of the code, how can I restart my processing from 17th element?
  13. How to increment an INDEX value?
  14. What value it stores when the INDEX value is incremented by 1 using SET?
  15. What are the necessary things to code a COBOL-DB2 program?
  16. Do we need to populate any values in to SQLCA before executing the SQL query?
  17. IS EXEC SQL & END-EXEC supports different databases just like how it supports DB2 queries?

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