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COBOL date functions list, add find Duration

Below are COBOL date functions to add, Subtract and Find the duration between Dates, Times and Time stamps. 1. ADD-DURATION This is rarely seen in our programs but really a helpful Intrinsic function that COBOL provided. This is to add a specific duration to a date/time variable/value. For example if 1 year needs to be

CICS quick Reference for D2D activities

CICS quick Reference for D2D activities 1. How to terminate a Task in CICS? This need comes when ant transaction got struck or went into Infinite loop. So to overcome this, that task needs to be purged or terminated as narrated below – Enter into Native CICS region – Enter ‘CEMT INW TASK()’ It displays

COBOL Edited Picture Clause Examples

Edited Picture Clause in COBOL is to format the the display of data in required format. COBOL provides symbols to format the data, these are called “Edit Symbols” and the PIC clauses that contains these symbols are called as “Edited Picture clauses”. There are basically two types of Edited picture clauses based on their type

IEBCOPY in JCL with Examples

IEBCOPY in JCL tutorial, IEBCOPY examples and sample JCL/JOB IEBCOPY is a copy utility that is used to perform copy functionalities for PDS and PDSE datasets. Copy all or Selected members from one PDS to another. Create multiple PDS in a single IEBCOPY job from one input PDS. Compress PDS to release the unused space.


INVALID SPACE ALLOCATION – This error really confuses the developer as we thinks that it as the space allocation issue in the JCL but actually it is not. This occurs when the MAXLITS field value specified in the SYSIN DD * has the wrong number. It should have a value greater than or Equal to

Initialization in Cobol

Initialization in COBOL is used to set the declared variable values to an initial value. It sets the Alphanumeric type(alphabetic, alphanumeric, alphanumeric-edited, DBCS, national, or national-edited) field values to Spaces and Numeric type(numeric or numeric-edited) field values to Zeroes. It is equivalent of moving eirther zeroes are spaces to the variables according to their data

Index Optimization Tips in DB2

Indexes are the data base objects which are stored physically on Disk, it contains the address of the actual data stored in tables that helps to retrieve the data quickly from the database. This can be considered as the ordered set of pointers which points to the data in actual table. These are created on

Reference Modification With OF

COBOL Reference Modification With OF Syntax to use reference modification for a filed, which exists in multiple groups. Ex: 01 ww-grp1 03 name1 pic x(10) 03 sal pic 9(4) 01 ww-grp2 03 name1 pic x(10) 03 sal pic 9(4) name1 exists in both groups. So if we want to use reference modification for ww-grp1 move

Difference Between LINK/XCTL and COBOL Calls

Difference Between LINK XCTL and COBOL Calls(Static & Dynamic) 1. LINK –> Every time a subprogram is invoked an initialized version of working storage is provided. Dynamic& Static –> Not every time a separate copy of working storage is provided. It is provided only for the first time invocation of sub-program and for the subsequent