COBOL Line numbers – Quick Ref-1

How to remove the line numbers in 1 to 6 columns in TSO/ISPF

i) First set the Bands

– type BNDS on line-number of the editor panel

Generally the default bands are set from 1 to 72 columns as shown below and this can be changed as per our requirement. This can also be used if we want to replace any data only in first few lines, then set the bands accordingly and replace all with C ALL command.

=COLS> —-+—-1—

=BNDS> < >

Change it to 1 to 6 columns as shown below

=COLS> —-+-

=BNDS> < >

ii) Type the below command in the command line:

C P’=’ ‘ ‘ All

It replaces all the numbers with spaces in lines 1 thru 6.

Line numbers 73 to 80:

The same process works to remove the line no.s from 73 to 80 columns. In this case we need to setup the bands from 73 to 80.

Basic Info on Line No.s –>

8 to 72 → Used for COBOL Coding.

Area A → Starts from Line No. 8

Area B → Starts from Line No. 12

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