ESCAPE clause in SQL DB2

ESCAPE in DB2 Mainframes:

In SQL the percent sign(%) and the under score(_) has special meaning.

%’ – represents any set of characters

_ – under score represents any single character.

This will display all the email ids starting with reddy like reddy123,reddy_34 etc. But here the requirement is to display the email ids starting with ‘reddy_’.

As in db2 underscore represents a single character it displays all the mail ids starting with reddy.

In such scenarios ESACPE clause is used to get the original meaning of _ or %.

By using the ESACPE the SQL looks like below:

select * from emp

where email like ‘reddy+_%’; ESCAPE ‘+’;

Now the above SQL displays only the mail ids starting with ‘reddy_’ like reddy_123, reddy_345 etc.

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