Useful Gmail Labs for Better User Experience

Gmail Labs are useful features to enhance the user experience. You can see list of labs by going to your settings within your Gmail and clicking on “Labs” tab.

Here is the list of useful labs of my choice:

Undo Send
Undo- useful Gmail lab

This lab feature allows you to undo the sent email up to 30 seconds (by default it is 10 seconds, you have an option to configure between 5 and 30 seconds). Basically we can stop the email message after mistakenly click on “send” button.

Canned Responses
canned responses

This feature allows you to save and send the common messages. If you want to reply with the same answer over and over again every time you have an emails with common question, you can compose and save your reply message once with “Canned Response” and send this again and again.

Mark as Read Button
Mark as Read - Useful Gmail Lab
It is an one click “Mark as Read” feature, You can directly mark your messages by clicking on this button, without selecting “Mark as Read” from “More Actions” dropdown.

Unread message icon
Unread Count - Useful Gmail Lab
This lab shows unread messages count at tab’s icon. If you have multiple tabs opened, with this lab you no longer have to click on the Gmail tab to see if you have a new mails. Quickly view unread mails count at tab bar without actually switching to that tab. This lab only works with Chrome (version 6 and above), Firefox (version 2 and above), and Opera.

Authentication icon for verified senders
Authentication icon for verified senders

This is an useful feature to find out spam messages easily. Displays a security key icon next to the messages. Currently works for PayPal and eBay only.

Sender Time Zone
Sender Date - Useful Gmail Lab

This will display sender timezone time in the mail. You can contact sender in a right time, not midnight of senders time.

Multiple Inboxes
multiple boxes - Useful Gmail Lab
It helps you to divide main Gmail box into multiple boxes of your choice. Choices can be labels, your starred messages, drafts or any search you want, configurable under Settings.

Inserting images
Inline Images  - Useful Gmail Lab
Allows you to insert images into a message body. You can upload and insert image files in your computer, or insert images by URLs. So you can add the images in email message body instead of sending as attachments.

Quick Links
Quicklinks - Useful Gmail Lab
Quick Links allows one click access to any bookmarkabel URL in Gmail. These can be frequent searches, important individual messages, and more.

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