Transaction CICS

Transaction in CICS has a great importance which is the unit of work performed and is represented by a 4 char TRANS ID. It is linked to one or more programs and once a transaction is initiated, programs that are defined gets executed. At the time of transction definition, these programs needs to be given/linked.

In simple words Transaction is a Unique code to execute any program under CICS. Program can not be invoked directly by the user. Either transaction is required or it should be invoked by an other program.

When a Transaction is invoked, program associated with that is loaded in to storage and a task gets started.
– PCT is checked to see the associated program.
– PPT checks whether the program is in main storage or on disk. If it is on DISK, it loads the program on to main storage.

How to define a new transaction in CICS:

CEDA transaction is used for defining a transaction in CICS. It has many options in the definition screen, most of these options are default and can be set based on any other existing transaction in the same group/application.
Below is the Sample definition:

Existing transaction definition can be viewed using CEDA
ex: CEDA VIEW TRAN(TRN2) GROUP(appgroup)

There are CICS supplied transactions which are widely used by CICS admins and users.
Refer these list @

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